Sunday, 8 May 2011

10 most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong

1. Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is located in western Hong Kong Island, 554 m above sea level. It is the highest peak in Hong Kong and the best place to enjoy the night scene. By night fall, the brilliant view of Hong Kong and Kowloon from the Peak resembles two pearls inlaid in Victoria Harbour, adding to each other’s splendor under the glow of a thousand lights. The heart of Hong Kong, Central is full of high-rise buildings that highlight the prosperity of the island. Each year Victoria Peak attracts millions of tourists at by means of its unique geographical environment and social landscape, becoming a compulsory stop for tourists in Hong Kong. 

2. Hong Kong Ocean Park
Hong Kong Ocean Park was officially opened in 1977 and combines of both entertainment and education. It is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island and covers more than 870,000 square metres of land. Features a diverse selection of world-class marine attractions, thrill rides and shows divided between three areas: Lowland, Headland and Tai Shue Wan. The park has consistently rejuvenated and reinvented itself. In early this year, the Aqua City was launched to better serve its guests and establishing itself as a major tourist attraction both locally and abroad. Each year, the Ocean Park attracts more than 5 million visitors and has been ranked by Forbes Travaler as one of the ''10 Most Popular Amusement Park in the World''.

3. Golden Bauhinia Square
The Golden Bauhinia Square was situated outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Cai, where the ceremonies for the handover of Hong Kong was held in July 1997. A large statue of a golden Bauhinia blakeana (Hong Kong's "national flower") stands right at the centre of the square and a flag-raising ceremony is held daily, at 8.00 am. As a Hong Kong landmark, Golden Bauhinia Square is frequently visited by domestic and foreign visitors. There is a 400 meter-long waterfront promenade that is great for walking and enjoying the view of Victoria Harbour.

4. Avenue of Stars
The Avenue of Stars is one of the most popular destinations in Hong Kong. It is located along the waterfront of the beautiful Victoria Harbor around the New World Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon. This popular area is a 440-meter long promenade which is built to honor the celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry yet bringing Hong Kong tourism to another level. When rambling over the Avenue of Stars, you can also enjoy fabulous views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island Shore, visit the Film Development Milestone and appreciate the Hong Kong Film Awards Statue as well as the Bruce Lee Bronze Statue. 

Beside the Golden Bauhinia Square, the Avenue of Stars is also a good place to watch the nightly multi-media light and music performance, known as The Symphony of Lights every night starting at 8.00 pm. Spectacular fireworks displays can also be seen on special occasions.

5. Tian Tan Buddha & Po Lin Monastery
Tian Tan Buddha located in Npong Ping, Lantau Island is one of the five giant Buddha statues in China with a total weight in excess of 250 tonnes and 34 m in height, the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha. The statue comprises of 202 bronze pieces which took nearly ten years to complete and was unveiled in 1993 to visitors. The Buddha is named after Tian Tan which is the ''Temple of Heaven'' in Beijing, but is also known as Po Lin Buddha because it is an integral part of the Po Lin Monastery. The monastery initially known as the ''Big Hut'' was founded in 1906 by Zen masters Da Yue, Dun Xiu and Yue Ming of the Jin Shan Monastery of Zhe Jiang Province. It is the major centre of Buddhism in Hong Kong and major tourist attraction, especially with the induction of the Buddha statue adjacent to the monastery.

6. Stanley Market & Murray House
A market town on the sunny south side of Hong Kong Island, Stanley’s relaxed ambience, crisp sea environs and bargain buys have made it one of the popular tourist location in Hong Kong. The seven days a week the open market around Stanley New Street and Stanley Market Road throbs with the passing parade of life as bargain-hunters from all over the world join in the fun of haggling with shopkeepers and stallholders. Choose from brand-name clothing and accessories, or simply irresistible souvenirs, ornaments and other Oriental knick-knacks. The market is open from 10:30am to 6:30pm.

Stanley also has beautiful beaches that are popular with windsurfers and wide variety of funky bars and great restaurants to enjoy. Among the most interesting restaurant sites on the waterfront is Murray House, a 160-year-old restored three-storey colonial building that was dismantled in 1982 from its original site in Central and then rebuilt in Stanley. It was restored in 1998 and now houses the Hong Kong Maritime Museum as well as restaurants.

7. Repulse Bay
Located in the south of Hong Kong Island, Repulse Bay's beach is a well-known and very popular place for swimming, sightseeing and other beach activities and has attracted many tourists especially in summer. Its coastline is winding and resembles a new moon with long and broad beach bed, soft sand and the smooth sea make Repulse Bay Beach one of the most beautiful of all Hong Kong’s beaches. In the eastern side of the beach, the Hong Kong Life Saving Society with the Chinese-style building decorated with a huge hovering and flying dragon on the top and also features a garden leading to the beach. The Zhenhai Tower Park, located along the beach, and has a rich, Chinese classical flavour. The statues of the Queen of Heaven and Kwan-yin stand just in front of the gate.

8. Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter
Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter is an old traditional fishing village which is hard to find in any other parts of the World. It  is located in Southern District, between the southern part of Hong Kong Island and the island Ap Lei Chau and home to hundreds of people living on fishing junks. Their traditional lifestyle is dramatically juxtaposed against a modern high-rise community spread over the nearby hillsides. In the evenings, the thousands of twinkling lights reflected on the water are a magical sight. To get a deeper insight of the lifestyle of Hong Kong fishing folks, many visitors take in the view from the magnificent floating restaurant (Kingdom Jumbo) anchored here. Three storeys high and elaborately decorated with swirling red and gold dragons and other traditional Chinese motifs, the experience is not to be missed. Neither, of course, is the delicious fresh seafood and the excellent Cantonese fare on offer.

9. Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island near to the Hong Kong International Airport. It is a theme park assimilating the features of Disneyland Park in California and others. The theme park consists of four major themed areas, namely Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland, and each packed with thrills and spills to enthral tourists. Apart from these four areas, three further areas will be added by 2014, including Grizzly Trail, Mystic Point and Toy Story© Land. Each day, Hong Kong Disneyland has “Disney on Parade” and “Disney in Stars”, which is a fireworks show. At major festival seasons, like Chinese New Year, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, the park holds many special activities which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors either from domestic or international.

10. Hong Kong Wetland Park
Hong Kong Wetland Park which was opened to the public on 20 May 2006 has become one of the popular destinations and a perfect place for natural lovers. This education and recreation themed venue is located at Tin Shui Wai in New Territory, offers world-class ecotourism facilities with extensive wetland habitats and bird hides. As a must-see new attraction in Hong Kong, it will bring you in touch with the environment while it showcases about 190 kinds of sparrows and birds, 40 kinds of dragonflies and over 200 kinds of butterflies and scale wings throughout the wetland park.


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